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Letter: Residents should take pride in community, stop trashing roads
02012018 LETTER

I live in North Hall, the Chestatee Road area, and I have to tell you I am ashamed at the amount of trash that is purposely thrown out of the window by the citizens of this county. My wife and I have been picking up trash for several weeks and I can tell you that the vast majority of trash being discarded on to the side of the road is not trash blowing out of the back of a pickup or trash in route to the dump. It is trash specifically discarded by individuals in route home.

On our specific stretch of road, it is beer cans, plastic wine bottles, fast food drink cups and is from regular offenders, as the same trash shows up each and every week. I say this because the same brand beer can, pack of wine bottles or drink cup is there every week. Can I say repeat offenders?

We can be better than this and it will take every one of us to improve this community problem. We should be proud of where we live, so this pattern of disrespect for our community must be addressed. Let’s do this for the greater community good, people. I know we are up to it.

David W. Mitchell


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