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Letter: Outpouring of support for Deputy Dixon’s loved ones is breathtaking
07122019 PROCESSION 002.jpg
A motorcade leads the procession on Browns Bridge Road for Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon on Thursday, July 11, 2019. Dixon was shot and killed Sunday night while pursuing subjects along Jesse Jewell Parkway in Gainesville. - photo by Austin Steele

Each day, men and women across Hall County put their lives on the line to protect their community. While these principled individuals all have their own unique stories, they share at least one common characteristic for which our community will always be grateful for — the desire to serve and protect others. Unfortunately, the calling that they have answered can sometimes result in grave tragedy.

The Hall County community experienced such a tragedy this past week, when Deputy Nicolas Blane Dixon was shot and killed in the line of duty. As many know, Deputy Dixon leaves behind a wife and two precious children. This devastating event is one that I wish never occurred and one that I sincerely hope will never happen again. The pain of losing a loved one is heartbreaking, and it is pain that no one should ever have to go through.

There was one vital aspect of our community’s reaction to this traumatic event that took my breath away and made me extremely grateful to reside in Hall County — the outpour of support that our county, state and country has given to Deputy Dixon’s family and to the law enforcement community in general. 

On Thursday, thousands of individuals gathered to lay Deputy Dixon to rest and honor the life of service and humility that he led. The procession started at Free Chapel and ended at Memorial Park Cemetery.

To everyone that lined the streets of the procession, and to all of the businesses and organizations that have shown support to Deputy Dixon’s family, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to honor a local hero and thank you for your continued support of law enforcement. 

As our community and Sheriff’s Office mourn the loss of a fallen officer, I encourage you to show your gratitude for their service. Whether through supporting Deputy Dixon’s family or simply telling an officer that you appreciate his or her commitment and service to the community, an act of gratitude goes a long way.

To the men and women who patrol our community, thank you and God bless. Please know that your community is beyond grateful that you have answered the call to serve.

Butch Miller

State Senator, District 49

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