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Letter: The opposition to Trump is based on more than the fact ‘he won’
01072018 TRUMP
President Donald Trump - photo by Associated Press

In response to Gary Hulsey’s letter of March 12, let me say that my lack of respect for President Donald Trump is not based on bitterness because he “won” the election. He “won” even though Hillary Clinton got more votes. 

My lack of respect is because:

He has demonstrated in the 14 months he has been in office that he is totally unfit for the job. He has not been able to recruit and keep a staff of competent subordinates (goodbye, Rex Tillerson; goodbye, Sean Spicer; goodbye, Gary Cohn; good-bye many, many more).

He has demonstrated that he is ethically challenged (see the Stormy Daniels episode, the Russian prostitutes episode, the Billy Bush interview).

He has failed to convince the electorate that he can lead (see approval ratings from March 2017 to today, which has 50 percent or more disapprove). Late night tweets are not leading.

If Trump cared for this country, he would resign from office today and let the 25th Amendment take over. I may not like Vice President Mike Pence’s stand on many issues, but I think he carries none of the disastrous baggage that Trump does.

Howard Stacy


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