Two women dead, one man injured in East Hall shooting
Two women were found fatally shot Wednesday, Feb. 24, and another man has been taken for treatment for serious injuries after a shooting in East Hall, according to authorities.
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Letter: No business could operate like our federal government
Taxes Capitol sunset
U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. - photo by Associated Press

Within the last couple of days, many of us read this astounding report: “One of the Defense Department’s largest agencies confirmed Monday that it could not account for more than $800 million that had been earmarked for various construction projects.”

So what remedy did the federal government announce? Just this: Spending $1 billion for an investigation to discover what caused the disappearance of funds.

Could your business operate that way? Could anybody’s?

Consider this appalling episode as well: When Senate and House members dispute, debate, discuss and ultimately disagree, of course their logical step is to talk about shutting down the government.

Now let’s see, would a business survive if the board of directors met, failed to agree on major points and then announced that the next move would be to lock the doors, barring any possibility of serving customers and making money?

For more than a year, American citizens heard so many declarations that this administration would “be run like a business.” By now we know that’s just another political slogan, blather spoken to sway the voters.

These two incidents alone — millions wasted by the Pentagon and uncompromising squabbling that could spark a shutdown — keep many of us from being thrilled as we begin to prepare our income tax returns.

Bill Lampton


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