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Letter: Nation can’t say or do enough to show gratitude to its veterans
Every year for Memorial Day and Veterans Day, the JROTC students at Jackson County High School place flags and crosses in the cemetery in Jefferson. - photo by Tom Reed

My dad was in Japan in World War II. He was a platoon sergeant in the Army and served four years. My father-in-law also was in Japan during WWII, and served four years in the Army and Navy. My husband is a veteran of the Vietnam era. He was a Spec 4 in the Army and served six years total.

These guys all have their stories to tell of their experiences, good and bad. My dad and father-in-law have passed away and we miss them so much. I wish we would have expressed our appreciation to them for their time of service to our country more often.

My family is trying to show our thanks to my husband, especially this Veterans Day. I would like to express our appreciation to the guys of the Vietnam Era Group who have worked hard to memorialize our loved ones at the Veterans Memorial Park in Gainesville. These guys were all in the military during the Vietnam War. 

The On Eagles Wings Quilts of Valor ladies at Central Baptist Church are greatly appreciated. The quilts are so great! Thank you all so very much.

Shielda Butler Adams


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