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Letter: MAD magazine killed by PC culture
MAD  magazine
The face of Alfred E. Neuman is framed by attendees at the DC booth during the first day of Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif., n this July 20, 2017 file pho. MAD, a long-running satirical magazine, will be leaving newsstands after its August 2019 issue. The illustrated humor magazine will still be available in comic shops and through mail to subscribers. - photo by Associated Press

Back in 1952, when I was 14 years old, the first MAD comic book hit the newsstands. 

As I was thumbing through its pages, I observed that the comic book did not have a central character such as an animal with the ability to speak English or a crime fighting superhero with mind-boggling supernatural powers.

After a few minutes of scanning through its varied and unusual content, I fished a dime from my pocket and paid the cashier for a copy of what would become one of the most sought after comic books of all time.

Throughout the years, everything under the sun has been fair game for the self-described “usual gang of idiots” at MAD magazine. They have a long tradition of using creative and thoughtful humor to inspire young people to be skeptical of almost everything on the planet. 

Now, sadly, after 67 years in the business, the iconic comic book that morphed into an iconic magazine will stop publishing new content.

The demise of MAD is largely due to a failing magazine industry, but it is also a victim of the PC-obsessed culture in which we live. Whatever the reasons may be, the fate of MAD is a stark reminder that a wonderful era has come to an end.

Claude Diamond


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