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Letter: Kavanaugh confirmation is yet another step toward a Trump dictatorship
Donald Trump celebrates his victory in the presidential election.

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as the ninth justice of the U.S. Supreme Court essentially threatens the transformation of our democracy into a dictatorship currently presided over by the narcissistic, imbecilic would-be dictator and traitor now defiling the White House. 

Big steps toward achieving this role of dictator is the control of the Executive Branch, majorities in the Senate and House and now control of the Supreme Court, which could be dominated by him and the conservatives for 30-40 years. 

His disdain for the media (particularly females and blacks) who accurately portray the facts of his escalation toward a one-man rule is very disturbing. 

In the highly desirable but unlikely acquisition of a majority in both houses by the Democrats, the impeachment of Trump and Kavanaugh should be pursued post haste.

This administration is in the steady abolition or replacement of a great many laws and regulations, especially the important accomplishments of Barack Obama.

Trump’s touting of the current strength of our economy as a result of his reduction of taxes (mostly for the 1 percent) and the instigation of tariffs, which will only raise the prices of imported goods and reduce the volume of our exports, is far from the truth. The beginning of the current upward trend in the economy occurred during the Obama administration and has continued to increase despite Trump’s efforts.

Trump’s anti-globalization stance and denial that Russia interfered with our and other nations’ elections appears due to his unexplained close relations with Putin. Instead he attacks our European allies, Canada and Mexico and pulls out of most important international organizations such as NATO and the Paris Agreement, greatly diminishing our relations with the rest of the world while lessening our benefits. 

A few samples of the faults and unacceptable practices of your president (not mine) are infinite but include misogyny, incessant lying, immorality, greed, hiring of “the best people” many of whom are unqualified or corrupt, etc., and who are terminated or resign sooner or later, and his promiscuity and abuse of women.

This country cannot survive a second term of continuous dissolution by Donald Trump! We must select a qualified and honest candidate to begin to rectify this desecration of our democracy. The obvious solution is to get out and vote.

Jim Scharnagel 


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