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Letter: Instead of Peach Pass, we need truck-only lanes on interstates
Signs show the toll prices for the Peach Pass express lanes on Interstate 85 headed north outside of Atlanta in fall 2012, about a year after the lanes debuted. - photo by Michelle Boaen Jameson

Peach Pass has been a great failure for taxpayers and commuters alike. The system is set up so that wealthier commuters get to use a luxury lane for work and travel. Everyone else gets to enjoy life in the slow lane.

It is funny to see the Peach Pass lane just as congested as the current traffic lanes. The problem is acerbated below Atlanta near McDonough where the Peach Pass is only one lane used at different times of the day. Had they merely added the other lane it would have improved traffic flow.

Peach Pass is a success for the state of Georgia that collects the money from it. Atlanta now wants to charge a commuter tax because of the congestion caused by people traveling to work.

The tragedy of Peach Pass and a congestion tax is they both take advantage of the working men and women of Georgia. The solution is really not complicated at all. The Peach Pass lanes should be turned into truck-only lanes. The truck-only lanes will only have large commercial trucks with no other vehicles allowed. These truck lanes should maintain a minimum speed of 55 mph through the Metro Atlanta area for safety purposes.

The Peach Pass money metering sensors could be converted to an electronic weigh station bypass also utilizing the cameras that are already there. If there is an issue with the trucks’ weight, the Georgia State Patrol can be dispatched to investigate. The combined safety benefits of vehicle and truck collisions will be minimized. At a speed of 55 mph large trucks will be able to stop sooner and it should alleviate some of the congestion in Atlanta traffic.

Simply put, rather that try to bilk Georgia commuters, lets try a little common sense. If Atlanta and the state of Georgia would stop trying to profit from our traffic woes, we can all commute safely, get there and back again.

Barry Colbaugh


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