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Letter: If you want more women in manufacturing, give them equal pay
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In response to the guest column, “Women are poised to make a bigger impact in manufacturing,” published Oct. 5.

If women are expected to make a bigger impact in manufacturing, would the pay be the same as if she was a man making a big impact? The idea of getting more women involved in manufacturing is a good one. It is a field that has the potential to give women more opportunities to shine and show off their skills. However, women are still facing inequalities in the workplace. In particular, equal pay for women. Even in female dominated jobs, such as education, social work and nursing, women are still being paid less than men.

I would suggest addressing the issue of unequal pay as part of your strategy to attract more women into manufacturing. 

With women accounting for 47 percent of the labor force, as mentioned, now would be the time to start. 

A company, such as PPG, has the potential to really make change happen. While inviting women to work in manufacturing, try not to see it as just the physical addition of women. Look at it as an opportunity to provide equality for women.

I challenge you to be the ones making the “impact” and really change the lives of women. Become a trendsetter and lead the way for more companies to make an impact. After all, women are important to manufacturing, right?

Erica Daniel


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