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Letter: If politicians had courage, they’d find solutions to illegal immigration

Do you walk away from the news when immigration is mentioned? The subject is supremely frustrating and angering to those of us who care about our families, our country and our future. Any politician will dutifully, evasively and cautiously recite, “We need comprehensive immigration reform,” but will not, or cannot, define that term.

For the most part, our national Capitol is occupied by a bunch of posturing, power-hungry, craven cowards — a brood of vipers. Oh, we have a few stalwarts like Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows who put country first, but Nadler, Cummings, Waters and their ilk are too numerous and are focused on destruction, not problem solving.

We know their reasons for not tampering with immigration law — Democrats want more voters, and many think that Republicans want to satisfy corporate thirst for cheaper labor. Whatever the case, milksops in Congress are afraid and unwilling to rock the boat.

“As it is, you are full of your grandiose selves. All such vaunting self-importance is evil. In fact, if you know the right thing to do and don’t do it, that, for you, is evil.” — James 4:16-17 (MSG).

Are you sick and tired of inaction? Is 100,000 illegal entrants in one month not a crisis?! As of today, the cost of illegal immigration for this year is $95B, according to an updated clock published at One America News Network.

Did you notice that sanctuary city officials are rejecting the Department of Homeland Security’s plan to temporarily house asylum seekers in their cities? Hypocrites and deceivers!

What’s the answer? Do what’s best for America, a sovereign nation of one culture — Americans. We want to obey Christ’s teaching in Matthew 25:34-40, but we don’t want to commit national suicide.

Immediately, 1) move enough troops to our southern border to stop the invasion, 2) deport all illegal entrants who are felons and/or MS13 gang members, and 3) stop all foreign aid to central and South America until they support and enforce legal immigration only and clean up their governments.

Next, 1) hire 500 more judges to scrutinize asylum cases so that we can offer a haven for women, with children, legitimately in dire circumstances, 2) demand that Mexico stop migrants, destined for the US, from entering its southern border, and 3) complete a secure barrier across our entire southern border.

Meanwhile, congressional legislation: 1) strict and enforceable vetting standards for asylum claimants, 2) stop current practices of entrance by lottery and for extended family (chain migration), 3) stop “catch and release,” 4) outlaw anchor babies — no more citizenship for babies of noncitizens, born on U.S. soil, and 5) set a reasonable annual quota for legal immigration.

This would be comprehensive immigration reform!

Gary B. Hulsey


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