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Letter: Gainesville’s tax policy puts business needs above residents
09052018 DANIEL 2.jpg
Construction continues on Carroll Daniel Construction’s new building Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018, in downtown Gainesville. The four-story building will house the construction company offices with the first floor holding office and retail space. - photo by Scott Rogers

Reading a recent article, I had a realization. The city of Gainesville and Hall County are raising property assessments, raising taxes and then using funds from those taxes to help a privately owned company to erect a building downtown. Why is the city using tax money to help the company? I’m not questioning the legality, but maybe the morality.

If the company doesn’t have the capital to build, then why can’t it get a loan, like most of us? This “agreement” makes city officials appear to be out of touch, scared, wimps or corrupt. 

The new tax legislation gives companies great tax breaks, so why does the city have to offer more? I can’t believe Gainesville is hurting for growth opportunities. If the city wants to give tax breaks, there are plenty of civil servants who could use it. 

On the same page,  an article talked about the building and renovation going on in some city schools. So they need more tax income. I realize the city wants to do right by the students, and some of the work might be needed badly, but what schools need more than anything else is good teachers, good administrators and supportive parents. A school without these will struggle, no matter how much money is put into the building itself. 

Yes, I have an agenda. My property taxes went up $300 on my two-year old home, currently under appeal. The “value” of my home suddenly increased by thousands of dollars. I don’t get it — same house and no major upgrades. 

Do you think I’ll be getting a raise in my Social Security check or my military pension? Yeah, right!

Steve Minion


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