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Letter: Gainesville water department staff also stepped up after storm hit
09122017 Storm 6.jpg

With all the damage from Tropical Storm Irma this week, I think our county and city came together as a whole and tried to clear all trees and debris from the road ways.

That being said, all these different areas of the county and city are getting recognized for all their hard work, except for one group of guys who deserve a shout out as well. The Department of Water Resources sent out crews Monday night to start trying to clear road ways with chain saws. They worked Tuesday and Wednesday helping with all the damage done by the storm. This on top of making sure that all the treatment plants (which were on generators) were running and not overflowing into our lakes.

Without the utility guys at the water and sewer division, we would have some major issues to deal with, along with all the other damages we have had. No one on city water and sewer has lost service in this time, and we have not had to have any boil advisories.

So I want to say “thank you” in a big way to all of these guys who went over and beyond and worked hours to help outside of their job duties.

Jennifer Wiley


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