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Opinion: Yarbrough right about competent PSC
Dick Yarbrough

Excellent column by Mr. Dick Yarborough in the March 10 edition of The Times. Very few people realize what the Public Service Commission does and how important those positions are. 

When you look at the number of new jobs and businesses entering Georgia, especially manufacturing jobs, one of the most important criteria they look for, and demand, is reliable, secure and economical power and energy availability. 

We are blessed that Georgia Power/Southern Co., our EMCs,and MEAG are extremely well managed and supported intelligently and well guided by our PSC. 

Unfortunately, there are many vocal individuals, and media, who complain about rates, fossil fuels, the cost and dangers of nuclear power, and why wind and solar cannot easily supply the needs of the state economically and reliably, who have limited or zero knowledge on our energy businesses. 

The PSC members are elected, as they should be, but if the old saying that “ignorance is bliss” is true, the past election for president and two U.S. senators proves Georgia is becoming a very “blissful” state. Hopefully, these “blissful voters” do not one day do their damage with our very successful and competent PSC. 

Frank Frederick


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