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Opinion: We need retail stores to require masks
Provided by Norma Hernandez. Dozens of businesses have signed on to "No Mask, No Service" in Gainesville.

Most of us are very concerned about the control of this ugly virus and the spreading of the virus.

There are those who do not care about it, many of all ages. I am strongly suggesting that the corporate owners and store managers of our department stores adopt a no mas, no shop policy.

There are some communities that have done this, and the customers comply.  Stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Belk, Target, Kohls, Walmart all need to do this. Of course, owners and managers need a back bone to do this.

These stores employees wear their masks, and many of the employees that I have talked with recently, last week, all expressed the need for this.

News media talk about bars, beaches, churches, parties, restaurants and others but no mention of our large chain stores. I realize that there are many who will read this will disagree, and I guess that some of the objectors will be some of the same shoppers who do not care about others.

My wife and I wear our masks, stay the social distance and even wear gloves when pumping gas. We have family members who are in the medical front lines, and they are all screaming for the public to cooperate now! We really need to listen to those fortunate survivors say the same request.  That's may story, and I am sticking to it. 

To all, please stay safe and healthy and please cooperate and wear your mask and stay the distance. God bless each of you.

Rich Sheldon


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