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Opinion: We must work together and listen to scientists in these times
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COVID-19 testing - photo by Scott Rogers

Serve God, your fellow man and your parents. 

The law compels. Ethics persuade.  

Selfish people never serve, they only want to be served. 

We must stop working against one another. 

The first to forgive is the strongest, the first to apologize is the bravest and the first to forget is the happiest. 

Please do not allow divisions in our government, and especially in our families, that prevent us from making the right decisions.  

 Do not allow public opinions to influence you into doing the right thing. 

These are the watchmen in our city government of Lula: The Mayor, councilmen, city manager, city attorney and our city clerks.  

We are now living in troubled times, with an economic and viral disease, an invisible enemy. 

We are hoping as soon as possible that we can open up Lula’s city hall and other facilities, only under the following conditions: A.) We will require everyone entering into these facilities to wear a face mask that is properly suited for you and other people’s safety; some masks are one-time wearers and others can be made and used several times over. Also, keeping a safe distant between each other. B.) Hand sanitizer and the hand soaps should be used quite frequently, realizing that some of these can contain a high level of alcohol that can be highly dangerous around a flame or fire. 

The coronavirus we are faced with today needs to be taken very seriously. 

Put the greatest attention and knowledge on what the scientists are saying about the virus, than what the politicians are advising us to follow. 

Immunologists, like Dr. Anthony Fauci and other medical officials, need to be taken seriously on their advice and knowledge about this virus, realizing that it could be as long as the beginning, as well as the entire year of 2021, before they can be certain how effective this vaccine is. 

 All of us are praying and hoping, that our way of life can be returned to us, as well and better than before the virus came upon us. 

Mordecai Wilson 


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