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Opinion: We have expensive problems, but socialism won’t fix them
Next to a picture of his predecessor, the late President Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro gives his annual address to the nation Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, before members of the Constituent Assembly on the grounds of the National Assembly in Caracas, Venezuela. - photo by Associated Press

We have expensive problems, but socialism won’t fix them

When I was a kid, I took trigonometry in high school paid for by taxpayers and then again in college supplemented by taxpayers. 

Georgia implemented dual enrollment to reduce the redundancy. It costs a lot of money but probably less than teaching the same course twice. 

Now, they want to limit the program because of the cost. I am not aware of anyone looking at the high school and college system to determine how much it saves.

Schools have a real discipline issue. 

Our immigration policy is awful. 

No one has accused our military of being cost efficient. 

Health care has real cost problems. 

Medicare is going broke, and some presidential candidates want to add everyone to the system.

A number of our presidential candidates say that if we elect them and adopt socialism, they will fix our problems and cure climate change. 

When we point out that Chavez did the same thing, they say we are going to do it like Sweden. An ex-prime minister of Sweden said Bernie is wrong about their system. Apparently he does not even understand what he wants to do. 

I would suggest the odds are that we will be a lot more like Venezuela than Sweden if these guys are given more power.

Mike McConnell


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