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Opinion: Voters should receive receipts to ensure fair election
05232020 VOTE 2.jpg
Voters come out to Gainesville Exploration Academy Friday, May 22, 2020, to cast their ballot for the June 9 primary. - photo by Scott Rogers

There is a very simple solution to a fair election. Currently when we vote, we go in to vote and get a copy of our ballot. The ballot is scanned and then kept. Later the ballot is shredded. Why not simply return the ballot to the voter? 

Once the ballot is scanned, the voter should be able to access that vote on the MVP page and just like a restaurant drive-thru you confirm your vote or your order with your voter receipt. If there is a question or your ballot was flipped,you can challenge the vote with your receipt. This particular receipt would be valuable to save for your own records. 

This would save taxpayer money by not shredding votes. If there is a need to keep the ballots for a recount, then voters should either get a copy or literally a small receipt. 

The same should apply with absentee ballots. The difference would be the person with that ballot would have to make their own copy. 

Lastly, all voters would have to have a valid photo ID, and absentee ballots need proper confirmation. Unless you want to disenfranchise the voter and deny them a receipt and confirmation.

Barry Colbaugh


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