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Opinion: Venezuela shows us why socialism is a bad idea
A man, who has been without running water for two months, fills containers with potable water at a neighbor's, backdropped by a mural featuring the former and current Venezuelan presidents, Hugo Chavez, right, and Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, May 8, 2019. - photo by Associated Press

A cousin told me decades ago that when enough people learn they can vote for prosperity rather than earn it, our economy will collapse. I think a lot of our Democrat leaders smell the blood and just want to be on the top.

Hugo Chavez took Venezuela from a rich country with problems to poverty in a couple of decades.  Socialists in the U.S. and our mainstream media were highly praising him during most of that time.    

Now 82% of their population lives in poverty, and most who are not in poverty have strong ties to the government.  

Who in D.C. do you trust to lead our country in socialism? If you trust Bernie, who do you trust to replace him in a very few years?

Mike McConnell


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