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Opinion: Unvaccinated jeopardize us all
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Sandra Gulle, of the Northeast Georgia Physicians Group, administers a vaccine Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, at the Gainesville Civic Center during an event sponsored by the City of Gainesville with the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce and dozens of other organizations. The event is open to all Gainesville-Hall County residents and no identification is required. COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots will be administered free of charge to everyone with no appointment necessary. - photo by Scott Rogers

The year 2021 started out with the promise of vaccines. Half of Georgia residents have received three vaccinations since last January. I received four as I have been vaccinated against the flu virus as well.

The other half of you remain in the incubator allowing Mother Nature to use you to produce new variants of the COVID-19 virus. Every hour of every day new variants of the virus are being produced in the vaccine-free environment which you allow amidst us. The vast number of those variants are unable to survive so they disappear. We have already encountered the delta variant and the omicron variant, both of which have taken many lives and damaged the lives of many others.

As long as so many of us remain in the vaccine-free environment, it is just a matter of time before the next variant thrives. Then round four of this nearly three-year medical fiasco will begin. Will that be as much “fun” as the previous three rounds or might it be worse?

Those unvaccinated among us are playing Russian roulette. It is a losing game, and all of us are included. Mother Nature has provided us with the opportunity to live healthy lives. Those who do not capitalize on that opportunity are foolish and unfortunately jeopardize all of us!

Make 2022 a happy new year — get vaccinated!

Frank Lock