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Opinion: Trump’s legacy is damaging the nation for years
Donald Trump

Surely the last couple of years in our nation’s political and judicial history have been extremely disheartening, actually almost incomprehensible. Without a doubt, the vast majority of Americans would agree that the integrity of elections, the acceptance of results, and the peaceful transfer of power are fundamental to our democracy. Yet here we are, the Congressional Jan. 6 Select Committee is now showing in excruciating detail that the former President of the United States Donald Trump made a multi-pronged effort to seize, through every means possible, even violence, a second term in office despite overwhelming evidence of his loss in the recent elections. Never has a president so egregiously abused the powers of his office. It cannot be ignored that deaths and serious injuries were the direct result of his inflaming an armed mob. It is more than clear that his actions crossed the line into criminality.

One of Trump’s lasting legacies will undoubtedly be his turning the mindset of the Supreme Court back to the nineteenth century with the appointment of three “originalist” ideologues. Originalism as a judicial philosophy has been discredited by all scholars except for a few fanatics. The Constitution is a very brief document that makes no attempt to enumerate all rights inherent to the American people. Yet, here we have originalist justices claiming that there is no right to privacy in the Constitution and therefore there is no right to abortion. That view is an absurdity. Privacy, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were assumed at our very founding. Please, read the Declaration. That is one reason that religion was kept out of the Constitution. The founders were well aware that religions often attempt to invade people’s private lives.

It is hard to fathom the sheer arrogance and sanctimony that would make anyone force a female with an embryo to endure a nine-month pregnancy and raise a child against her will. There are numerous very legitimate reasons why such coercion could be incredibly detrimental. Going back to our founding principles: nothing is more fundamental than a woman’s basic right to choose whether to reproduce. Anyone not accepting that right has no idea of what America liberty entails, especially the fanatical originalist justices. What could be more private and protected?

As far as Trump’s attempted coup, for those millions who continue to support Trump, do you really understand American democracy and the demands that it places on all of us, most especially the president. Do you not understand that demagogues often become tyrants? Make no mistake, Trump is a demagogue. He panders to emotions, prejudices, and ignorance. It is disturbing that Trump even became president, let alone his horrendous and treacherous handling of the job. We just celebrated Independence Day. How does anyone square love of the American democratic experiment with support for Trump, the man who orchestrated an invasion of our capital to overthrow our democracy? Everyone needs to answer that.

Jim Grattan