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Opinion: Trump’s criminal behavior ignored
Donald Trump

Recently, a letter was submitted touting the remarkable results of Donald Trump’s presidency. The facts stated sounded to me like they were taken straight from the Fox News playbook. Topics are always skewed and twisted to their agenda. Perhaps the author could seek employment writing scripts for Laura Ingraham.

The truths that were not mentioned, and never are in that circle, is Trump’s criminal behavior after he lost the 2020 election. We have begun to learn that his plans to overturn said election started months prior to his loss to Joe Biden. Video footage of Roger Stone, whom Trump pardoned, laying out plans to deny the counting of electoral votes as early as August 2020 have been released.

There must be a mention of the Jan. 6 attack on our nation’s Capitol and the culpability of Trump in this act of anarchy. I have heard him at his rallies, as shown on TV, claiming that the rioters were “patriots” and that if elected again, he would consider pardons for those who were jailed as a result of their actions that day.

Did I somehow wake up in Russia?

We all know that the FBI searched Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago and seized boxes full of government documents. Many of these documents were classified and top secret files. What was he doing with these papers and why did he have them in his possession? In an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Trump claimed “all I had to do was think it” and the papers were declassified. I have no words for the absurdity of this statement.

Sadly, the once proud GOP of Lincoln and Reagan has been reduced to the party of Trump, its ranks populated by liars and deniers. If you don’t swear fealty to the Donald, you will be ostracized like Liz Cheney and our own Brian Kemp.

Yes, I think I’m better off today than two years ago because I no longer have to feign support for Donald Trump.

Wayne Alewine

Flowery Branch