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Opinion: Trump is making deals that benefit Americans, challenging hypocrisy
December 2019

I am appalled by the two letters The Times chose to publish in the Saturday, Dec. 7, edition from persons who apparently do not appreciate the fact that we now have a president who says what he thinks and who keeps his promises. 

Regarding the first letter: Protecting our children from the real truths of the world would help transform our nation into a sheepish society that would soon be subjugated by more aggressive nations. There’s a group of people who don’t want to keep score at ballgames so that there are no losers. We should be applauding Trump’s efforts on school choice and many other initiatives designed to free children from school systems that are failing them. 

Regarding the second letter: Is this person against everything that President Trump has done or might do? It seems he feels free to use any derogatory term he can think of to impugn a president who was elected by over 63 million voters. This person may be a part of the swamp to whom President Trump is a real threat. My real concern about the invective that this person uses is that some unstable person might actually believe this crap and try to harm him. 

I voted for President Trump and look forward to voting for him again next year. I love the fact that he says what he thinks. He is challenging the hypocrisy that has been prevalent in American politics for too long. 

He is making trade deals that also benefit Americans. He has called out Iran, North Korea, China and Russia as well as our allies who are letting Americans pay for their defense. 

These and many more initiatives are going forth even while he carries the burden of the swamp, the news media and the Democrats harassing him all the way. He, and we, need four more years to really make America great again.

Jim Waldrep


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