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Opinion: Trump is making America hate again
Donald Trump 2019
President Donald Trump speaks Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019, at a campaign rally in Sunrise, Fla. - photo by Associated Press

I voted for President Trump, but as an education advocate for children, I cannot in good conscience vote for President Trump in 2020. 

More importantly, I cannot reconcile my values, Christian or otherwise, with President Trump’s hateful fearmongering and violence-inciting rhetoric. 

Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign, which many of us voted for, has turned into a Make America Hate Again reality. Personally, I do not understand why others continue to support Trump, but to each their own.

In my opinion, the results of the 2020 elections will go down in history as a testament on the state of our values, including Christian values, as a nation. 

Churchgoers of Bethel African Methodist Episcopal church in Gainesville, Hall County, Georgia, were recently targets of a hateful plan of murder by a student, according to police investigations, yet many “conservatives,” including Libertarians and those in the Republican Party, continue to look the other way and remain silent on the impact of President Trump’s hateful rhetoric causing unrest in our communities and nation. 

The support and silence of many Christian “conservative” leaders, preachers and chaplains throughout our communities speaks volumes to others contemplating Christianity.

Trump’s administration rescinding civil rights policy letters negatively impacts education. 

I support the Second Amendment but recognize the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s K-12 school shooting database shows an increase in incidences since President Trump’s election.

The data, research and news point to an increase in bullying in schools since President Trump was elected, especially in areas that supported Trump, according to a report from What are we to do when our children say “Our president says it, why can’t I?” There was also a nationwide review identifying criminal cases where President Trump was invoked in violent acts, threats of violence or allegations of assault. 

Some conservative leaders will use the economy to defend Trump and dodge responding to Trump’s hateful rhetoric, including calling Republicans who oppose him “human scum.” 

In my opinion, the use of our tax dollars to fund religious buildings and grants to church-created charities has also ensured the silence of some Christian conservatives and leaders. As a former Republican, my Christian response to that defense will be: the love of money is the root of all evil.

The 2020 elections will be a testament of our values, especially our so-called Christian values in the United States of America. Voters in 2020 have an opportunity to choose between profits and politics or people, domestic tranquility and love. I will vote for people over profits, domestic tranquility and love over politics, even if it is not a popular vote in one of the most conservative districts of our nation.

In 2020, as a Christian, I will honor God by voting for candidates whose actions and words reflect my values and not for President Trump, whose denigrating rhetoric has made hate OK again and negatively impacted rational and respectful political discourse.

May God bless the United States of America!

Carmen Allen


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