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Opinion: Tiny homes offer potential solution to affordable housing issues
Tiny homes
A resident walks past a row of tiny houses Nov. 9, 2017, at a homeless encampment in Seattle. - photo by Associated Press

In response to the Jan. 5 editorial, “What if we actually addressed affordable housing issue? Doing so might look like this,” the cost of affordable housing would be much cheaper if we consider the tiny home solution, offering what people need in an energy-efficient matter. 

There are plenty of properties where these starter homes would be effective. 

Consider the many abandoned homes sitting empty. The older homes could be cleared off and two or maybe three homes placed in the same lot. 

People need to change their mindset specifically when it comes to hoarding furniture and other items. Less is better. There is also plenty of room for pets and a small garden for a properly managed piece of property. 

The county needs to reconsider zoning and land use for such properties. These homes could not only offer help for low-income but homeless people as well. 

There is simply no reason to charge outrageous rent, forcing people to live on the street. Blighted properties could be re-purposed for tiny home communities offering a fresh start for people.

Barry Colbaugh