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Opinion: Things to watch for under socialism and communism
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You must understand, that when only one form of government is in power without opposition, evil occurrences will eventually occur to the population. 

Karl Marx, co-author of the Communist Manifesto said, “communism begins where atheism begins.” 

There will be attacks on the teachings of the Bible so as to reduce the influence of God in favor of the government. Their goal is the elimination of religion from society. 

In socialism there are no classes. Consequently, especially the middle class must be destroyed. 

Suppression of freedom of speech, with the goal of eliminating all freedoms and rights, is the goal of some socialists. This has already begun. 

The socialists must remove all political parties but their own. Their next move is toward totalitarianism and a dictatorship. The Republicans are doing little to stop the socialists. 

All forms of resistance must be eliminated, therefore confiscation of all citizens’ weapons must take place. 

Only subjects approved by the socialist/communist party will be taught in schools from kindergarten through all higher education. This has been going in our colleges for years. However, there are socialist courses already prepared for all schools, including private and Christian-based schools. 

Children will be taught that the government is more important than family. The family unit must be destroyed in favor of the socialist regime, as government is over the family. 

As socialism becomes more entrenched, they will attempt government ownership of selected private industry and also the stripping of your private property rights by regulation or force. 

Someday soon, the media will be told what to print by the government and Hollywood will be told what their movies will be about by the government. And, folks who voted to give away their freedoms and rights will suffer under this oppressive government just as much did we who voted to remain free!

Jim Threlkeld


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