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Opinion: Taxing carbon won't stop climate change

The TV weather forecasters give their best estimate of what they expect to happen weather-wise over the next 48 hours. If there is a storm approaching, they track it and alert everyone. They can’t change the storm in any way. 

Not even the full power of the U.S. government can change the weather. Yet there are people who believe a carbon tax will stop climate change. 

Climate is the average of weather conditions over a measured period of years. If you can’t control the weather how can you stop the climate from changing? Adding one ingredient (carbon dioxide) to computer models of the atmosphere causes the climate to change on paper. In reality there is no one to one relationship. Earth’s climate is an aggregate of the interaction of complex physical systems that we don’t fully understand. About 15,000 years ago a 2.5 million year ice age ended. The Earth’s atmosphere has been warming ever since. Carbon dioxide had little if anything to do with triggering this warming trend. 

Taxing carbon is not going to stop climate change. It will not save the planet (whatever that means). The tax will crush the middle class by artificially raising prices on cheap fossil fuels (check out the Paris, France Yellow Vest protesters). Mr. Dixon claims HR763 will decrease greenhouse gases about 90% by 2050, “without costing our government one red cent.”

He is right about not costing the government one red cent because you, the taxpayer, will bear the full cost of this folly. The government is a conduit for spending your money. If they spend money foolishly it’s always on you. It’s never a cost to them.

Another item to consider, climate expert and oracle Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says we are toast by 2029, which means HR763 misses the mark by 21 years. Someone in the climate disaster community isn’t being truthful. But we know that.

I suggest you climate fanatics plant trees. Planting trees will keep you busy doing something productive. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which is a good thing. Evergreens are great. And this can be accomplished at no cost to the taxpayer. 

That is an excellent thing. I see a win-win situation here. So stop whining and get planting. It will make you feel good about yourself. 

Also get Greta Thunberg and her minions to pick up their plastic bottles and trash after their rallies. They claim they want to save the Earth, but their actions speak louder than their hollow outrage. 

Ronald Zaremba


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