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Opinion: Our country has made serious turn for the worst
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As so many of us have wondered, so have I: What in the hell is going on in our country, in our government, and how did things that were going so right under the administration of our former president, President Trump, in a matter of months turn so terribly bad and hopeless?

Our nation went from an energy-independent superpower with one of the most vibrant economies in the world. Unemployment was at an all-time low. We were a nation of law and order. Our families, our children were safe. People in America were happy and hopeful for the future. We were a nation blessed by almighty God as no other nation has ever been. We, as Americans, have been privileged to enjoy rights and freedoms given to us by the province of our Creator, not by the infestation of the loons and fools in Washington that we now are having to contend with and suffer under their incessant meddling in our personal lives and affairs day after day!

We are burdened with a president who possesses the mental capacity of a zombie. This president is clearly mentally challenged to the highest degree! This nation has rejected our lord and savior on every possible way we could imagine. We show more compassion for the killers and rapists on death row than we do for the millions of innocent babies butchered by Planned Parenthood day after day. The only crime these babies are guilty of is just being born. America is, I believe, being judged for merely accepting this travesty to exist. Morals, decency and a Christian concern for what is right is in dwindling supply in our nation. I do not exempt myself or my responsibility in these matters. I share the blame and the shame. In a personal way, my home and family have become a battlefield instead of a Christian home because of the stress of our current state of affairs. We are subjected every day to useless advice on TV from this little creep, Anthony Fauci, or the virus that we are battling. Our leaders issue orders to wear masks and get the shot or suffer the wrath and harassment of your elites in Washington. If you want to know why coronavirus is spiking all over America, look at Biden’s immigrants being delivered to all parts of our country and dropped out among our citizens. These people are not required to be tested, inoculated or told to wear a mask. Watch Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingram — you won’t get the truth from any of the fake news. Know who your real enemies are. Beware! I am a Christian. I belive God’s word. One day, every person who ever lived will stand before almighty God and be judged for the deeds we’ve done. At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow whether you like it or not! May God have mercy on us all.

Mickey Montgomery