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Opinion: Letter writers have it wrong about Trump
Donald Trump
President Donald Trump speaks with reporters Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019, before departing on Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. - photo by Associated Press

Response to the Dec. 7 letter to the editor from Carmen Allen: I am not writing to challenge her values as a Christian or her right to say what she feels. I challenge her facts about President Trump — that her research leads to blaming President Trump, not the evil that is in a person’s heart carrying out murder or any number of crimes. 

I challenge the absurd remarks on President Trump negatively impacting education. The record (true documents) President Trump has on civil rights shows his continuing strong support in his belief we are all equal. 

President Trump has every right to say what he feels as you or me. 

The stats on the bullying and shootings of our students is horrible and you blame the president. Where is the responsibility of the parents, of the church and the community? These are the people who form their growing years. 

There is so much fake news out and hate rhetoric it is hard not to come to your conclusion, but I will vote for President Trump, my heart and eyes wide open. 

Responding to the Dec. 7 letter to the editor from Jim Grattan: There are no true facts in the letter, just personal opinion, strong and full of emotions. 

Here are the facts. President Trump is cleared of any wrongdoing in the so-called Russia probe. Evidence backs up that many Democrats were helping to ensure a win for their person. I am not a lawyer but seems to me if you take me to court, accuse me of wrong, I have the right to defend myself. I am innocent until proven guilty by a court of my peers. 

President Trump has not been allowed to defend himself with witnesses. He has provided documents (many) and has not hidden behind anyone or anything. 

Above all, President Trump does not cower from a fight. If you kept up with the true news and facts, one would know this. 

The big danger in America is the uninformed voter that will not take the time to find the real facts, just leave it to hearsay.

Helen Stell