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Opinion: Honoring those who served with 802nd
07012018 FLAG 07.jpg

In October 1992, I turned 62, the mandatory retirement age for warrant officers in the U.S. Army. I was then retired by the Army from the 802nd Ordnance Company (Ammunition), the U.S. Army Reserve unit located in Gainesville. 

In early May 2021, John Taylor and Scott Quillian, two 802nd retired soldiers with whom I had served, came to see me. The surprise visit, although short, was most enjoyed as we shot the breeze, reminiscing of old times. 

As Memorial Day 2021 approaches, I want to honor the soldiers of the 802nd who have crossed over. I salute all retired and present soldiers of the 802nd.

Although from the Marines, this says it all — Semper Fi. 

Gene Garrison