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Opinion: God bless those poll workers
01062021 ELECTION 6.jpg
Poll worker Lois Worlock helps a voter Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, at the Gainesville 1 precinct at First Baptist Church during the U.S. Senate runoff election. - photo by Scott Rogers

The elections are over and the dust seems to be settling on this past year of endless elections. I have thought about a forgotten group, which you never here too much about; they are just there, steady Eddie. They show up for work never say anything, always have a smile on their face and utter these words: what assignment you have for me today?

They are team players with no “I” in team, and the day starts after the Pledge of Allegiance, then waiting for the doors to open for people to fulfill their guaranteed right to vote for the person of their choice. It is a very long day, 15 hours on the average. Some of the workers have just finished early voting, which lasted three weeks, to make sure the voter gets every chance to vote in the current elections.

This year had its problems, as everybody knows — a pandemic, which was concerning for the majority of the workers. They knew what they were getting into, and the ones who didn’t work were perfectly OK by all of the workers, who knew the high risk they would have.

There were workers who got sick and never complained; they knew the chance they were taking and the possibilities of getting sick. 

They were always on the front lines in public at all the polls, always with the greeting to everybody coming in to vote, “thank you for coming out to vote”

The other thing we enjoyed was being from Hall County, the greatest county in the state, and proud to work the polls. It is finally time for a rest and get ready for the next round of training and recruiting new poll workers, hoping to recruit some of the very young so they can appreciate the privilege of the right to vote.

At this time, it is my privilege to stand and salute the patriots of Hall County poll workers for all they have done during a long and pandemic year, may God bless them and may God bless this United States of America. 

Larry M Dukeman


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