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Opinion: This era of Republican is not conservative
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In today’s political climate there are two words that should not be used together: conservative and Republican.  

There’s the national debt. 

Beginning with the Reagan administration, Republicans cut taxes and increased borrowing to fund the government. As a result, the national debt increased by close to 180%. More tax cuts during the George W. Bush administration led to an increase of about 100% in the national debt. The debt increased again during the Obama years by 78% as the Republicans blocked efforts by Obama to repeal the Bush tax cuts. More tax cuts under the current administration have brought the nation to the verge of bankruptcy. There is certainly nothing conservative about Republican fiscal policy.   

There’s global warming. 

The science is clear, as is the solution. Mankind’s burning of fossil fuels and his destruction of the world’s forests have caused a steady buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, leading to melting glaciers, rising sea levels and climate change. The solution to this existential threat is complex, but switching to carbon neutral sources of energy and preserving forests are obvious steps to take. Republicans have chosen to collectively ignore the problem. Hardly a conservative approach. 

And then there’s Donald Trump. 

By supporting Donald Trump, the Republican Party has endorsed the president’s lying, consorting with enemy nations, demeaning allies and all manner of corruption, incompetence and chaos that define this administration. It is appalling how so many senators and representatives in the legislative branch of government have sworn allegiance to the executive branch, thus abdicating their constitutional responsibility to be a check and balance. There is certainly nothing conservative about allowing one deranged individual to hijack the party. 

It is time for conservatives concerned about today’s most critical issues to vote Democrat. The nation can ill afford another four years without leadership. 

Russell England 


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