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Opinion: Drivers should be more cautious
12302018 TRAFFIC 001.JPG
Traffic flows through the intersection at E E Butler Parkway and Jesse Jewell Parkway on Friday, Dec. 14, 2018. - photo by Austin Steele

Coming from New England, I've noticed that drivers here do not handle bad weather by driving with caution. 

Tailgating in the rain is foolish; you should leave one car length for each 10 mph you are driving to allow room to stop. 

Never drive in the rain with cruise control on; if you hydroplane, you have no control of your vehicle. Always have your lights on when your wipers are in use and when it's foggy. 

With the lack of guardrails in many places on side roads, going over the limit is extremely risky. People here tend to drive over the speed limits. Please, drive carefully, we all have family out there.

Jacqueline A Atkinson