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Opinion: Critical Race Theory is what’s racist

Contrary to critical race theory, this 75-year-old Caucasian man is not a “racist” or “White supremacist.” God created each person in his own image, and we’re all precious members of the human race. 

But according to CRT, America is a fundamentally racist nation. Furthermore, the Constitution, federalism, separation of powers, individual rights, property rights and the nuclear family are vestiges of White supremacy, patriarchy and capitalist oppression that must be replaced with a totalitarian “Department of Antiracism.” This misguided, blatantly racist ideology is being taught in schools, businesses and other organizations.

Heritage Foundation writer Christopher F. Rufo states: “Critical race theorists insist that the world must be divided into competing racial identity groups. Even worse, the race theorists dismiss the two-parent household, entry-level work and merit-based education as manifestations of an entire class of harmful ‘isms’ that must be subverted and ultimately dismantled. ... The real tragedy of critical race theory is that, in pursuit of racial equity, it undermines the very foundation of racial progress.”

So-called “White guilt” won’t be imposed upon this Marine veteran for any racial prejudice displayed by my ancestors. Slavery was tragic, but many White people helped abolish it. Racial discrimination is deplorable, but much progress has been made. Newsflash: violence and looting are not acceptable options for addressing these social injustices. Martin Luther King Jr. would be aghast.

America has come far since its founding. The Civil War (1861-65) was fought primarily over slavery. The belated Civil Rights Act (1964) was a landmark achievement in race relations. Since then, there have been more opportunities than ever for Black Americans — with many serving at the highest levels of government, business, entertainment, education, religion and elsewhere. 

Celebrate these victories instead of relentlessly focusing on the “victimhood” plight of the Black community and “White privilege.” There’s unlimited opportunity in America, but personal responsibility, not endless entitlements, determines outcomes. 

Rufo shared this remarkable statistic he said scholar Ron Haskins has made clear: “Americans who follow the so-called success sequence — graduating from high school, getting married before having children and working full-time at any occupation — have a 98% chance of living above the poverty line.” 

Alas, when facts don’t suit the liberal narrative, the race card is played. For example, it’s “racist” to say children are more likely to succeed when there’s a devoted father and mother in the household. It’s “racist” to oppose the defunding of police departments and demeaning of police officers. It’s “racist” to enact voter ID laws that protect election integrity. 

The epitome of racism is Black Lives Matter. Supposedly about social justice, BLM’s real objectives are power and money. 

Co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a Marxist and hypocrite, owns four homes valued at $3.2 million total. 

Racism is unlikely to vanish from this sinful earth. No amount of diversity training will alter the minds of stubborn racists. Only the Holy Spirit can change the hearts of people who hate others because of their skin color. Let’s make a positive difference and live peacefully.

Dick Biggs


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