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Opinion: Congress must honor its oath and stop a president who does not honor his
Trump Air Force One
President Donald Trump boards Air Force One for a trip to Milwaukee to attend a campaign rally, Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020, in Andrews Air Force Base, Md. - photo by Associated Press

The evidence is clear: President Trump abused the power we gave him by asking Ukraine to interfere in American elections, by blocking military aid to a U.S. ally, by tying those two together in a bribery scheme for his personal benefit and obstructed Congress to cover it up.

The House of Representatives had no choice but to follow the facts and impeach the president for his grave misconduct. This is analogous to a criminal indictment and is forwarded to the Senate for a trial. Now, our senators face a huge choice: honor their oaths to defend the Constitution or tell this president that he is above the law. The Senate, as the jury, must hold a fair and open impeachment trial.

We know it is President Trump’s nature to get away with as much as he can. The morning after the inquiry into Russian election interference ended, President Trump called Ukraine to ask them to interfere, too. When Trump got caught, he did it again on live TV, and asked China to interfere, too. If the Senate fails to hold Trump accountable, it is hard to know what he might do next. Consider that we were recently on the brink of war with Iran, a crisis of his own doing and has made Americans less safe.

It is a serious thing to remove a president from office. It would be even more serious to acquit him without hearing all the available evidence. Our senators must publicly commit to a fair and open trial, with witnesses and documents that can provide direct evidence of Trump’s actions in Ukraine. When a president, whether a Republican or Democrat, breaks his oath and our laws to undermine our democracy, he must be removed. It is all our duty now to call on our senators to do theirs.

Michael Egolf