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Opinion: Best way to revive economy is give money to unemployed
11302017 ECONOMY

The quickest and likely only way to revive the economy: Give large amounts of money to the unemployed. Basically, replace their income until they get another job. 

Since the U.S. economy is driven by consumption, the only way to fix it is to massively stimulate consumption. 

The Federal Reserve has protected the rich by allowing them to borrow all the money they need for free (near zero interest on borrowed money.) 

But the rich do not actually consume much. They invest. But there is nothing real to invest in since there is no demand for product because of all the unemployed who do not have money to buy product. 

Since there is nothing real to invest in, the rich play with their money instead. They buy exotic financial instruments instead of real productive things. They buy hedge funds, credit default swaps, bitcoins, gold and all the other get rich quick schemes by "playing with money." 

Do not worry about the national debt at a time like this. In fact, stop tying the nation’s debt to government bonds. Just give the money away by printing it and giving to the unemployed for free. Do not increase the national debt. If inflation becomes a serious problem in the future, then just take some of the money away. 

The only way to revive the economy is to give money to the unemployed. Large amounts of money. They will spend it immediately, much in their local community, for things that they need. 

But for some reason a lot of people do not see this. For some reason they want to punish the unemployed for not having a job when they lost it through no fault of their own. 


Frank W Gilkeson


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