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Opinion: America’s wide ideological divide
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An American flag flies in the wind after being raised during Grant-Reeves Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7720 flag dedication ceremony in Alto, Saturday, June 30, 2018, at Anderson Village along Tommy Irvin Parkway. - photo by David Barnes

The search for common ground in politics and religion — often elusive in our polarized society — has intensified during this coronavirus pandemic. But once this invisible enemy is vanquished, America’s wide ideological divide is unlikely to vanish from the public square.

Lately, this Marine veteran has reflected upon his 1950s upbringing and how much America has changed since then. Most noteworthy is that we used to be a more conservative, God-fearing nation. Decades later, liberalism and secularism have escalated the battle being waged in several divisive arenas: 

Big government vs. limited government: If America is to remain an “of the people, by the people, for the people” republic, the federal bureaucracy must curtail its relentless growth. Otherwise, our cherished liberties will deteriorate and states’ rights will diminish. 

Higher taxes vs. lower taxes: History shows that when taxes have been lowered, it usually creates more jobs, increases consumer spending and produces a healthier economy. This was definitely true when President Trump orchestrated a major tax cut in 2017.

Massive federal regulations vs. minimal federal regulations: Before this pandemic, our economy was roaring at record pace. A contributing factor to this boom was President Trump’s aggressive rollback of onerous federal regulations, an action that turbo-charged business expansion.

Activist justices vs. original intent justices: Supreme Court justices are supposed to interpret the original intent of the U.S. Constitution. Instead, some activist justices legislate from the bench based on personal agendas, emotions or judicial practices of other nations. 

Open borders vs. border control: Legal immigrants are welcomed in America. Conversely, when illegal aliens enter our sovereign nation, our immigration laws must be enforced. Open borders create enormous safety, health and economic risks.

Single-payer government health insurance vs. private health care competition: Even if taxes were hiked to exorbitant levels, the federal government couldn’t afford to provide timely, quality health care for every citizen. Private competition is a more sustainable health care system than socialized medicine.

Same-sex “marriage” vs. traditional marriage: In 2015, centuries of marital precedent were abandoned to appease a tiny percentage of our population. Men with “husbands” and women with “wives” contradict the sacred rite of marriage, a biological father-mother union designed uniquely by God for procreation. 

Abortion-on-demand vs. sanctity of life: Roe vs. Wade (1973) legalized abortion under the guise of “pro-choice” and “women’s health care.” Today, abortion-on-demand is a predominant method of birth control. Sadly, thousands of unborn babies are butchered every year and deprived of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Secularism vs. faith in God: America was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, which are displayed prominently in Washington, D.C. and across the 50 states. President Ronald Reagan said it best: “If we ever forget that we are ‘one nation under God,’ then we will be a nation gone under.” Amen!

This writer believes our Founding Fathers would revere a 21st century America that values limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, original intent justices, legal immigration, health care competition, traditional marriage, respect for the unborn and people of biblical faith. 

Dick Biggs


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