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Opinion: America led astray in many ways
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Much is made of the coming election. Each tribe seems to delight in pretending they are the answer to all our ills and the other tribe is horrible. 

For those of us who grew up in the ’50s and ’60s, we find it hard to recognize what we remember as good in either tribe. For any who may be not belonging to either tribe, strongly independent, we find no solace and little truth from red nor blue. 

Our strong and blessed nation overcame the Great Depression and two world wars as well as a cold war and became stronger with each victory. All these were accomplished together as one people. We were the envy of the world, and our goodness deserved that admiration. Only communism remains as a weaker presence against the nation on which God shed his grace. We learned from the communists that those who build walls eventually will tear them down.

All this seems far distant from 2020. According to the Federal Reserve’s recent numbers, our decline is rampant. Our total public debt was 40% of GDP in 1966 and now is 108%. Our trade surplus in 1964 was $6 billion and now is $577 billion, the 47th year in a row in which we buy more from others than they buy from us. 

How has that worked out for good jobs here? In 1964 only 7% of American children were born outside of wedlock and this year it will be 40%. How is that working out for families and stable homes for children? In 1985 it took 30 weeks of work to provide for only the necessities of life and in 2020 it has become 53 weeks — yes, one more week than the entire year. That is , of course, for those who have jobs. Almost 45 million jobs were lost in 2020 so far. How is that working out for the economy?

This American journey from Camelot to COVID has not made us better as a nation or as a people. This long march to discouraging results has been the fruit of both parties. 

Reasonable folks cannot argue it. Our allies and the U.N. laugh at us. Korea sends missionaries now to help us with our spiritual decline. Now we intend to choose again from the lesser of two evils each representing a tribe that has led us into a pit of national perdition. 

What was it that Einstein taught us? Insanity is doing the same thing while expecting different results. Our Lord admonished us seven times as he relected on the history of the churches:

"He that hath an ear, let him hear.”

Michael Hawkins    


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