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Opinion: Alzheimer's Association here to help
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We all find ourselves in a strange time. Self-quarantining. Isolating. Staying home. Strangely enough these are all experiences or feelings that dementia caregivers have likely done or felt on their journeys caring for a loved one or family member with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. 

Witnessing “window visits” to loved ones in care facilities is absolutely devastating. Moreover, “social distancing” is not an option for caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. COVID-19 has made a tough situation even worse for these thousands of caregivers. 

What to do? Advocate! I am an advocate with the Alzheimer’s Association and I have frequently asked Rep. Doug Collins to support Alzheimer’s priorities over the last four years. He has been supportive and very empathetic about my experience. I thank him for his continued support. Even in this time as our world faces COVID-19, Congress is taking into consideration the elderly and disabled with the Families First COVID-19 Act that includes provisions to increase funding for home-delivered meals and services, for example. 

Today, I am not asking Rep. Doug Collins to support anything specific, I am reaching out to let his constituents know that the association is here for them — providing care for people with Alzheimer’s through our 24/7 hour 800 number: 1-800-272-3900. Tips for caregivers during COVID-19 crisis can be found at Reach out and get help where you can! 

Once we have all helped each other through this crisis, I will be ready to take up my relentless fight to #ENDALZ. But for right now I want to thank Congressman Doug Collins for all he is doing right now to help us get through our current crisis.

Robert L Polak

Flowery Branch