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Letter: Don't fool yourself, Christianity is exclusive
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Mrs. Shannon Casas sounds like a cryptic atheist (see column published March 3). If she’s not an atheist, she’d make a good one. 

I realize that she probably ate a trainload of garbage while in college and also that her “pastors” most likely didn’t school her (as vehemently as they needed to) in the exclusivity aspect of Christianity.

And now to pop the interfaith bubble (listen up Mr. Higginbotham and you other pastors out there). If you’re not an exclusivist Christian, you’re really not a Christian at all but rather a deceiver working to lead others out into the twilight zone with you.

The “born again” experience spoken of by the Lord Jesus Christ in John 3:3 will (if you receive it) take all of that old alloy out of us and put us on the firing line with the Gospel at ready.

Let us also say this, there’s not much for me to learn by listening to a Muslim or a Buddhist tell about their journey getting into their present state of disillusionment. My mind’s already set, I’m not going that way and I will very devoutly hope that I can lead a large multitude of them into the true light, which is our own sweet Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Roger Corn


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