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Letter: Democrats prove they will lie in order to enact leftist agenda

Gary Gambrell nailed it in his letter published Friday, Feb. 9. His letter listed multiple, heinous transgressions over the past eight years by Democrats and President Barack Obama, such as adding more debt than in the previous 200 plus years, gutting our military, mocking marriage, letting millions more illegal residents into our country, aiding outlaws like Black Lives Matter, sucking up to North Korea and Iran, corrupting the Justice Department and other things. 

I could not have written a better and more accurate description of our Democrat-caused problems than he did. I could add a few things though:

Both Hillary Clinton and Obama worship Saul Alinsky. Remember, Clinton wrote her college thesis about Alinsky’s communist manifesto, which among other things emphasized that lying and other terrible behavior is OK as long as it furthers the far-left cause. They both followed his advice to a T and they both still do. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that other (I say most) Democrats lie about almost everything that benefits their warped, anti-American agenda. They hate America!

One has to look no further than Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff’s hair-on-fire ranting about how the release of the memo by Rep. Devin Nunes would give out secret information and harm our national security. What Schiff really feared came to pass: The memo detailed many criminal activities of the left-wing henchman (appointed by Obama) in the Justice Department. But there was no national security information, as Schiff lied. 

And there is still much more criminal activity to be exposed and I can’t wait. When these criminals who have unconstitutionally subverted our system of justice are handcuffed and led to jail, that will be grounds to have a major celebration.

The other grounds for celebration will be when the average voter wakes up and realizes that the bulk of Democrats only care about enriching themselves and not about helping their constituents. Remember, according to Hillary, she and Bill Clinton were broke when they left the White House. Afterward, they spend $3 million on their daughter’s wedding and they own multiple million-dollar homes. All with our money. Wonder how that happened? In the Democratic Party, that is the rule, not the exception.

Are there Republicans who are dishonest? Of course there are, but I’ve never heard of any book by conservatives explaining that one should lie and be dishonest to further ones’ ambitions. Dishonesty and lying is the official policy of Democrats. God save our Constitutional republic.

Curt Corkern Sr.


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