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Letter: Democrats can bring sanity back America
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It seems on a weekly basis that a letter writer predicts the end of America, as we know it, due to the possibility of a so-called leftist, socialistic or communistic Democrat being elected president in 2020. With all due respect, that is ridiculous. 

First, not one Democratic candidate for president advocates for any form of socialism, that is, the government ownership of industry. Second, we are in the midst of a presidency occupied by an unapologetic conman and habitual liar, who has sullied our name across the globe and may yet do us grievous harm with his inept, reckless actions. One would think that true patriots would be very concerned about the current dysfunctional presidency.

A central theme among these writers is that a large, powerful central government is, by definition, socialistic and un-American. That is a disingenuous position. A complex, global economy requires management and regulation for the broader interests of the American people. Conservative ideologues often maintain that capitalism can thrive without regulation. But we had such an environment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Capitalism was constantly going into deep depressions bringing misery upon millions of Americans. 

It may be painful to acknowledge, but Democrats, dating back to the progressive era, have been the leaders in passing much-needed legislation to stabilize our economic system. The Federal Reserve System, Social Security, unemployment benefits and Medicare, to name only a few initiatives, all came about to address crippling problems in the economy that capitalism either caused or could not address. No way can that government activism be construed as socialistic. It’s called “stepping up to the plate when it counts.” 

On the other hand, the Republican Party is definitely the party of “no” when it comes to addressing real issues. 

Just to take two modern day issues that affect the entire country: affordable health care and reversing climate changes that could spell the end of life here on earth. The Republican Party and the president have no plans to address those critical matters. 

Again, it is the Democrats who are offering proposals, only to be sniped at by the “do nothing” party. Fear mongering is the Republican game, not governing. 

Electing a Democrat in 2020 would not be “the death knell of America.” America made a very grievous, stupid mistake in putting Trump in office in 2016. No one in that office has ever been more self-serving and uninterested in truly governing the nation. 

Trump serving as president another five and one-half years may not be the death knell of America, but his perpetual blunderings may well take us down a very dark, even dangerous, road. Electing a Democrat in 2020 and getting control of the Senate and the House can be a start in bringing sanity back to our national government. It is crucial that American voters make wise choices in 2020. 

Jim Grattan


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