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Letter: Corporate America, what happened to family values?
10202017 USFLAG

At 62 years of age, being born and raised in the U.S.A., I still recall a time when employers encouraged employees to take care of their family. Employees were allowed time off to visit teachers/schools to check on their child and his/her work and general life at school. Employees were allowed time off to help their family members with doctor visits, surgeries and other medical needs.

Now, the general stress to the employee has shifted gears to be more like, "We have important days coming up and do not need anyone to miss work," discouraging employees to worry about their lives outside of work, which includes the family.

This emphasis obviously can take away from maintaining a good family support system, which is necessary not only for the family itself but will also make the employee more productive in the work place.

Take a look at Japan, where employers still hold family values in high regard — Japan, a small, but very productive nation. It would not be uncommon to see a Japanese worker bend over to pick up a piece of trash off the floor in their workplace, as their employer's sense of family values has created a workforce that is more productive at work, simply because their employer appreciates and supports their need for time with their families.

Stress on family values equals a better worker, which equals a more productive worker. Corporate America, make the investment into your employees and reap the benefits to your business.

Joel Bonnette


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