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Letter: Collins, Congress should eliminate influence of money from elections
10022017 USCAPITOL

To U.S. Rep. Doug Collins: I write in reference to a problem that I believe is destroying our republic, a problem which the vast majority of the populace agrees is a plague on our great country, and a problem which, as one of the chosen few who actually do control the direction of these United States, you are in a position to eradicate. I speak, of course, of the vast amount of money and favors that flow through the doors of our elected officials. 

I know the congressman is a Christian, and as one who has studied the Bible, is aware of the seductive and destructive power of mammon. I know he has studied our founding documents and the men who wrote them, and must have shared concerns about corporations and the elite and the control they would wrestle away from the hands of the people. I also know that he is a man of the law and, more importantly, a family man who in the eyes of lady justice and in the eyes of our children must shun even the hint of impropriety. 

It is vital we take this opportunity, while all three branches of government are controlled by the same party, to drive the money lenders out of our sacred institutions. The morale of the people is faltering; soon all faith in our Congress, courts and Constitution will be gone. Our representatives must make the will of the people heard.

Corporations should not be allowed to contribute to campaigns. PACs should be outlawed. Lobbyists should be exiled from Washington and driven to extinction. The goal should be public funding of elections and the removal of all monied interests from the halls of our legislature. Without the elimination of money and favors, how are the good people of the 9th District, or indeed the country, to know that these are not bribes? What proof do we have that our congressmen and senators are not bought and paid for? What confirmation do their constituents have that votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act were because of their beliefs instead of contributions from Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Demand, good congressman, that our House and your conscience be clean, not only of wrongdoing but also any possible blemish that would cause us to question your vote — and ours. Restore our faith in our democracy. 

Jeff Casper


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