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Letter: Climate fluctuations can’t all be blamed on greenhouse gasses

Around 150 years ago Mark Twain wrote “Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.” If he knew reliable scientific weather information available today he could have added “nor can they.”

A recent letter in The Times stated the North Pole was experiencing warming. No facts backing this up were mentioned. Since 1880, the average global temperature has risen about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2016 Paris Accord states if nothing is done, the global temperature will rise by 1 degree by 2116.

What is causing this increase in temperature? It is not CO2, popularly called greenhouse gas. Carbon is vitally essential to any plant growth including all of the food we eat. In fact, trees, shrubs, anything growing takes in CO2 and gives off oxygen. This is basic chemistry. Those who grow anything in greenhouses inject CO2 into their growing houses, thus enhancing growth.

Last August, The Times published a picture of dead trees along the New Jersey coast. Information given in the article stated this was due to the Atlantic Ocean rising, a result of global warming. What I cannot find is any information stating the coasts of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Africa, South America and Florida are reporting rising Atlantic Ocean levels.

Why is this? The Atlantic Ocean is not rising. What is happening is this: The tectonic plates about 30 miles below earth’s crust are constantly shifting. Actually, the plates below much of our eastern coast line are slowing sliding under the tectonic plate supporting the Atlantic Ocean. This does not cause the ocean level to rise. Water always seeks its own level.

Whether we like it or not, burning fossil fuel, when done properly, enhances all plant growth. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy eating. Lowering CO2 will bring smaller crops, eventually none at all.

I am for solar panels, but not wind farms, which kill thousands of birds annually. The fact is worldwide weather and temperature are ruled by the jet stream, ocean temperature and our sun.

George C. Kaulbach


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