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Letter: Clergy violates its trust with abuse scandal
02012018 LETTER

Years ago when the abuse of young boys first came to light, the Catholic Church addressed it and thought it had been controlled. The Times has carried several articles about the recent abuse. On Sept. 5, there is another article about the church.

This child sex abuse by predator priests is vicious, so hurtful to the children and will effect them the rest of their lives.

On June 10, there was the article “#MeToo crisis jolts the Southern Baptists.” Southern Baptist clergy are not blameless in this sexual abuse scandal. They are noted for their sexual misconduct and abuse of women.

Not only do the victims of sexual abuse suffer, so do their families. Some families are torn apart. The spiritual lives of families are affected and in some cases will take years to repair if at all.

It is a shame that predator sexual abusers are not confronted for their abuse and have it called what it is. Clergy in a position of responsibility and trust does not give them freedom to act as they wish.

I think clergy, Catholic, Baptist and other protestant religions need to study Jeremiah Chapter 23 “The False Prophets.” This chapter will give them a pretty clear picture of what God thinks of them and what is in store for this abusive behavior.

George Roshau


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