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Letter: Being open-minded is way to find common ground

In response to Elizabeth Casper’s slam against elders:

I feel sorry for someone who is so angry that they consider all elderly people in the same class. I learned a long time ago that first you listen respectfully to others.

Respect goes both ways. I have found most young people as well as elderly have the same common ground opinions, and perhaps you need to have more compassion and respect for all those that do not carry your same opinion. When I was young, I spent time volunteering with the elderly and found a wealth of knowledge, opinions and thought-provoking conversations that made me think, sometimes changing my opinion and sometimes having a greater resolve with my own beliefs.

It does work both ways, you know. Being closed-minded on everything makes people more intolerant, and if you constantly scream your opinion out, people stop listening, and that is not good.

We have such great divide in our nation, young and old feel they do not have freedom of speech. When we cannot talk together and express opposing views at home, in the public and in our school systems, we all lose.

I do hope you look at this with an open mind. You get more with constructive, open-minded  conversations than with closed-minded ones.

When was the last time you invited an elderly person to your table?

Verra Coppedge


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