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Letter: Article unfairly painted charity based on views by police chief

I was disappointed with the article “Police warn about group seeking donations” on the front page of The Times. After reading the article, the only police warning was from Chief David Spillers and who indicated his concern from “a few years ago when he visited an empty office space that reminded him of a drug peddling operation.” I wonder if all empty office spaces remind the chief of fronts for drug peddling operations. Chief Spillers can donate to whomever he pleases, as can we.

We have donated to Nspire and Hope House for years and have been pleased with their service (we also donate to Gateway). Charity Navigator gives Nspire a “moderate” rating next to the highest rating. 

Nspire calls periodically for donations, which you can leave in your yard or driveway and they will pick up, which is very convenient for us. We have never had a donation bag left on our mailbox.

My main concern was the tone of the article, practically a “character assassination” of a legitimate charity doing good work. 

Doug Phillips


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