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Letter: 5 consequences of not holding our kids accountable
02012018 LETTER

News reports say a school system in Washington State is sick and tired of students being held responsible for their actions, so school administrators are doing away with punitive measures: detention. They say that various minority groups (wouldn’t “the underserved” or “the disenfranchised” be more dramatic and PCish?) are getting detention for school infractions more often than the majority. The fix? Detention will no longer be imposed on anyone — it’s gone. Same for the library — no more fines for late book returns. Think books will ever be returned?

Back when (in the old days), every student would be treated as an individual responsible for his or her choices and held accountable for behavior injurious to others and for rule-breaking.

So, we have short- and long-term undesirable, and perhaps unintended, consequences resulting from the school board’s appeasement to political correctness, adoption of today’s new concept of victimhood and irrational, illogical, unrealistic and group-identity thinking.

The short-term consequences will be more infractions, disrespect for school administration and authorities, rebellious behavior, family trauma and increased burdens on parents.

Some of the long-term consequences will be: 1) impact on kids’ mental health and future, 2) a more lawless society, 3) an acute shortage of citizens capable of leading in the business world and in government, 4) a further deterioration of America and abandonment of its founding principles, and 5) a slide from today’s mediocrity to a state that leaves the U.S. ripe for takeover.

If there is a way out, it’s a massive cultural shift from compromise, appeasement, relativism (no group’s practices can be challenged), cultural Marxism, and degrees of right and wrong and good and evil (post-modernism’s nonbinary morality), to Truth.

That Truth can be found only in the holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

Gary B Hulsey


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