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Letter: We should keep Brecklynn and her familys needs in our prayers
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I want to thank Kristen Oliver and The Times for sharing the article on Brecklynn Allgood’s health problems, and for sharing her beautiful picture.

Every morning and evening when I drive to and from my job, I see the signs requesting prayers for Brecklynn. I immediately pray for her. My prayer simply says, “Dear God, loving heavenly father, I do not known Brecklynn, nor do I know her conditions or her need. But God, you know Brecklynn and you know her needs. I pray that you will bless her and supply her needs. Also, dear God, bless and encourage her family.”

I do not know Courtney and Zack or the other family members. But now I will put them on my prayer list. I pray that God, the great physician, will heal Brecklynn. Keep the faith!

Devon Reeves

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