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Letter: Trump fails to take responsibility for his own problems, actions
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In the short time Donald Trump has been our president, he and his administration have been mired in continual controversy, most of it due to his own making.

He accused President Barack Obama of wiretapping him, which everyone agrees there is no evidence of. He believes that the Russians are his buddies, which he will figure out in time isn’t true. And lately, he asked FBI Director James Comey to cease the investigation of Trump’s fired National Security advisor, Michael Flynn. The last item sounding very much like obstruction of justice, which is an impeachable offense.

Mr. Trump spoke to the graduating class at the Coast Guard Academy this week. His speech was very similar to many he makes. It should have been about the graduating class and the great accomplishment of graduating from the Coast Guard Academy, and to honor their families who share this accomplishment.

But in his usual narcissist and lying manner, he spent a great deal of the speech talking about how badly he is treated by the media, and all his great accomplishments. He has the maturity level of a small child, and his inability to stop tweeting is what will continue to haunt his administration. Trump is his own worst enemy, not the news media or other individuals.

I would encourage everyone to contact their representatives in Congress and ask them to speed up the current investigation of Mr. Trump. He needs to go back to Trump Tower permanently and soon!

Steven M. Deming

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